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Ontario Business Registry - Strata-G Blog

As the business world continues to evolve into cloud-based and online solutions, as of October 19, 2021, businesses in Ontario have had their capacity for convenience boosted by the new Ontario Business Registry. The Registry allows Ontario Corporations to complete more transactions online, cutting down on physical red tape and time-consuming legwork.


Among other functions, the Registry now incorporates business registration and updating business information.

What to do to access the Registry

Accessing the Ontario Business Registry is fairly straightforward. First, your company will need a “company key”. This key is like your company’s own Personal Identification Number (PIN), which you would use at an automatic teller machine or bank. And similarly, it should also always be kept private.

To get your company key, you can make an official request online through Service Ontario. You should then receive your key via email, or it will be mailed to the registered company head office.

Important to note:

  • A company key won’t be automatically issued for Ontario businesses that existed before October 19, 2021, so it is important that you visit the registry if this is the case with your business.
  • It is also a requirement that you have a company key in order to file your annual Ontario information return on the Registry. Previously, this return would have been filed with you company’s annual corporate tax returns.

What we need to make it easier for you

As we are a financial service provider for many Ontario Corporations, we will need to request company keys from all our clients.


Once you or your company representative has received the email/mail containing your company key, please send our office a copy for our records – and remember to keep a copy for your own too. Please forward these to sgtinfo@strata-g-tax.com or contact us on +1-833-787-2824.


To find out more about your rights with regards to the Ontario Business Registry, get in touch with the Strata-G team or just send us a message online.
We’ll help you manage your business better in the digital space.

Nicholas Coburn

Nicolas Coburn, CPA, CA, has 15+ years of experience spread across Government Audit, Industry Financial & Tax Reporting, and Big 4 Canadian Accounting Firms.

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