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Return on investment or simply called ROI, is the ratio between net profit and the cost of the investment over a specific period. The higher the ROI, the better the investment compared to the cost involved.

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6 Ways Canadian Businesses Can Prepare for the Upcoming Tax Year - Strata-G Tax - Blog

5 Ways Canadian Businesses Can Prepare for the Upcoming Tax Year End

We should be preparing our taxes all year-round but with all that is happening in the world, your tax preparation is probably not as far along as it should be. When we are ill prepared with time running out confusion and panic sets in. Tax preparation can be a different process for various businesses but, to lighten the pressure, we will provide you with useful hints and strategies to help you prepare for your taxes.

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How to structure your chart of accounts - Strata-G Blog

How to structure your Chart Of Accounts

Opening up a chart of accounts is imperative if you want to improve your company’s financial reporting. But it is one of those key accounting functions that is overlooked all too often. Without a well-structured chart of accounts, your invoice lines will flow to a single sales account, leaving you unable to decipher the specific details of your distinct revenue streams.

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