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Return on investment or simply called ROI, is the ratio between net profit and the cost of the investment over a specific period. The higher the ROI, the better the investment compared to the cost involved.

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The Pros and Cons of Incorporating Your Business in Canada - Strata-G Blog

The Pros and Cons of Incorporating Your Business in Canada

Incorporating a business in Canada is a big step that offers many legal and financial benefits separate from its owners, creating a unique business entity in the eyes of the law. While the allure of personal liability protection and potential tax advantages makes incorporation a promising prospect, it also comes with a new set of special considerations.

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Why is Accurate Bookkeeping So Important During Tax Season - Strata-G Blog

Why is Accurate Bookkeeping So Important During Tax Season?

Bookkeeping is the bedrock of proper tax preparation. This process ensures that every transaction is accurately recorded, laying the foundation for a smooth and seamless tax return. It goes beyond simple data entry and is about creating a financial view of your business that reflects every income stream, every deductible expense, and every tax-saving opportunity.

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