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Strata-G is an energetic and forward-thinking accounting and consultancy firm. We're made up of a team of qualified and dedicated professionals who are committed to offering top-notch services. Our hallmark lies in our innovative approach, blending traditional principles with modern technology to provide efficient, personalized solutions for our clients.

Strata-G offers a broad spectrum of services, including but not limited to accounting, auditing, tax planning, business advisory, and financial consulting. We cater to businesses of all sizes, from startups to established corporations, tailoring solutions to fit each client’s specific needs. We’re your one-stop shop for all your financial needs.

Choosing Strata-G is choosing a partner that understands your unique financial landscape. We’re committed to building long-lasting relationships, offering personalized and professional services. Our blend of traditional principles, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to transparency and ethics sets us apart from other firms. Our team of experts continually strives to provide effective strategies that lead to your financial success.

Strata-G leverages the power of technology and uses top-tier accounting software. While we’re proficient in various platforms like NetSuite, QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage, their choice of software depends on the specific needs and preferences of their clients. Their ability to adapt ensures they deliver efficient and accurate results every time.

Strata-G follows a proactive and personalized approach to accounting. We believe in understanding your business’s unique needs to provide tailored strategies. We blend this client-centric approach with technology, streamlining processes, ensuring accuracy, and delivering timely results. We consider accounting not just as number-crunching but as a tool for strategic planning and decision-making.

Strata-G believes in transparency and fairness when it comes to pricing. We have a value-based pricing model, which means we set prices based on the perceived or estimated value of our services to the customer rather than a standard hourly rate. This ensures clients only pay for the value they receive, making Strata-G’s services a true investment.

Strata-G harnesses technology and employs advanced methodologies to optimize our accounting processes. This involves automating repetitive tasks, reducing human error, and increasing efficiency. We focus on strategic planning to prevent redundancies and ensure each process adds value to your business. Our commitment to efficiency leads to significant time and cost savings for our clients. Strata-G employs cloud-based technology to enhance the capabilities of accounting platforms. Some of our time saving tools include: Synder (integrating with e-commerce platforms to push transactions into financial statements), Dext (Receipt Capture), Expensify (Employee Expense Reports), Wagepoint & Gusto (Automate payroll)

Strata-G prides itself on its outstanding client service. We maintain open lines of communication and strive to respond to all inquiries swiftly. Whether it’s a simple question or a complex issue, we’re always ready to lend an ear and provide expert advice. Our goal is to make each client feel valued and well taken care of.

Strata-G provides a comprehensive suite of tax services. We offer tax preparation and planning, managing and filing Canadian and US Corporate Tax Returns for businesses of all sizes. We also provide international tax services, estate and trust tax planning, and tax consultancy. Strata-G takes a proactive approach to tax management, helping clients save money, reduce risk, and plan for the future.

Operating as a virtual firm, Strata-G leverages the power of technology to deliver exceptional services remotely. With cloud-based accounting software, secure document sharing platforms, and effective communication tools, we provide seamless, efficient services no matter where you’re located. We offer flexibility and convenience, enabling you to handle your financial affairs without stepping out of your office or home.

Strata-G values our clients’ time and aims to respond to inquiries and requests as quickly as possible. Our commitment to responsive communication typically results in inquiries being addressed within 24 hours, if not sooner. Our goal is to provide timely and accurate information, ensuring your questions never go unanswered.

Strata-G boasts a wealth of experience in the accounting industry. Our team comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds and many years of experience across a range of financial disciplines. This cumulative expertise ensures We bring a deep understanding of the accounting landscape, regulations, and best practices to serve our clients effectively.

Absolutely! Strata-G’s virtual model allows you to manage your financial affairs from anywhere in the world. With our cloud-based services, you can access your financial data, communicate with the Strata-G team, and manage your business finances whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you.

Strata-G offers services to a broad range of industries and types of businesses. Their diverse client base includes startups, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations across various sectors. Their team’s varied expertise allows them to tailor their approach to meet the unique financial needs and regulations of different industries.

Strata-G’s team of professionals holds numerous certifications and business backgrounds reflecting our skill and commitment to staying current in business, engineering and accounting fields. Strata-G is a Chartered Professional Accountant firm, with accountants that hold these designations. These certifications stand as a testament to our proficiency and dedication to providing top-tier Accounting and Tax service.

Strata-G’s areas of expertise are vast and varied, reflecting our comprehensive service offering. These include, but are not limited to, tax planning and preparation, SR&ED claim preparation, payroll, Indirect Taxation (GST-HST), business advisory, and cloud-based accounting services. We also excel in areas such as international taxation, estate planning, and strategic business consulting.

With Strata-G, you can expect a holistic support system that goes beyond mere transactional relationships. We prioritize consistent communication, swift responses to your queries, and individual attention to understand your unique business needs. You’ll enjoy the benefit of a dedicated account manager who will guide you through every step of the accounting process, ensuring your financial affairs are in good hands.

Strata-G helps businesses save time and money through our efficient, technology-driven services. By automating routine tasks and streamlining workflows, we reduce the time spent on bookkeeping, leaving you more time to focus on growing your business. Our proactive approach to financial management and tax planning also aids in reducing costs and avoiding potential penalties.

Getting started with Strata-G is straightforward. Firstly, we offer an initial consultation to understand your business needs and objectives. Based on this discussion, we suggest the most suitable services for your situation. Upon agreement, we’ll guide you through the setup process, including transitioning any existing financial data to our system. We focus on making this process as seamless as possible to avoid disrupting your business operations.

Getting started with Strata-G is straightforward. Firstly, we offer an initial consultation to understand your business needs and objectives. Based on this discussion, we suggest the most suitable services for your situation. Upon agreement, we’ll guide you through the setup process, including transitioning any existing financial data to our system. We focus on making this process as seamless as possible to avoid disrupting your business operations.

Strata-G believes in transparent, fair, and value-based pricing. We offer various packages tailored to different business sizes and needs, which typically include a set number of services for a fixed monthly fee. We also offer customized services where the price depends on the specific services you need. Strata-G is committed to providing excellent value for money, ensuring you only pay for the services you truly need.

Strata-G’s virtual CFO service provides you with high-level financial expertise without the cost of hiring a full-time executive. This service includes strategic financial planning, cash flow management, budgeting, financial analysis and reporting, and more. Your virtual CFO will work closely with you to understand your business goals, providing valuable insights and advice to help steer your business toward financial success.

Strata-G offers comprehensive payroll services that include payroll processing, tax calculations, compliance with labor laws, and filing of necessary payroll tax returns. We also manage employee benefits and compensation, ensuring accurate and timely payments. By handling these complex tasks, we help businesses avoid costly mistakes and free up our time.

Strata-G takes a proactive approach to tax compliance and management. We stay up to date with the latest tax laws and regulations, ensuring your business remains compliant. Our services include tax planning strategies, preparing and filing tax returns, managing sales taxes, and handling any correspondence with tax agencies. We also provide guidance during tax audits, helping to mitigate risks and potential penalties.

Strata-G harnesses cutting-edge tools and technology to provide seamless accounting services. We use cloud-based accounting software, which allows for real-time access to your financial data from anywhere. We also utilize secure platforms for document sharing and communication. Additionally, we leverage data analytics tools to provide meaningful financial insights, aiding in decision making.

Strata-G goes the extra mile in ensuring clients are comfortable with the cutting-edge tools we use. We offer comprehensive training sessions tailored to your level of familiarity with these tools. Additionally, we provide continued support for any questions or issues you may have. We’re just a call or email away, always ready to assist in making your experience seamless and beneficial.

Strata-G boasts a deep understanding of the Canadian tax compliance landscape. We stay abreast of the ever-evolving tax laws and regulations and use this knowledge to guide your business. Our services include everything from strategic tax planning and filing of tax returns, to representation during tax audits. We ensure your business remains compliant, thereby minimizing risks and potential penalties.

Absolutely! Strata-G is well-versed in the specific accounting needs of e-commerce businesses. We offer integration with leading e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Amazon, allowing for automated tracking of sales, inventory, and other crucial financial data. Our expert team can help manage your e-commerce financials, letting you focus on scaling your online business.

Strata-G can play an instrumental role in optimizing your cash flow. We provide detailed cash flow analysis, highlight potential issues, and offer proactive advice on improving cash management. Whether it’s through accelerating receivables, managing payables, or strategic budgeting, we help ensure your business has sufficient cash to operate smoothly and invest in growth opportunities.

Strata-G excels in managing international payroll complexities. We understand various country-specific laws and regulations, and we ensure your international employees are paid accurately and on time. Whether it’s tax withholdings, benefit deductions, or currency conversions, Strata-G has it covered, mitigating any potential compliance issues.

Yes, indeed! Strata-G can assist in securing funding for your business. We can help prepare necessary financial statements, develop compelling business plans, and offer guidance on different financing options. With our extensive network in the financial industry, we can facilitate connections with potential lenders or investors.

Getting in touch with Strata-G is as simple as visiting our website. There you can schedule a free consultation. Alternatively, you can reach them via email or telephone. We’ll be delighted to learn about your business and discuss how we can best meet your accounting and financial management needs.

Strata-G has a comprehensive approach to both direct and indirect taxes. We assist in tax planning, computations, filing of tax returns, and compliance for direct taxes like income tax. For indirect taxes like GST/HST, we offer help with registration, calculation, and returns. We ensure your business stays on top of its tax obligations and takes full advantage of any applicable deductions or credits.

Strata-G serves clients across Canada. Thanks to our virtual model, we can easily cater to businesses irrespective of our geographical location, from Vancouver to Toronto, Halifax to Calgary, and everywhere in between.

Strata-G possesses significant expertise in managing SR&ED claims. We help identify qualifying R&D activities, prepare the necessary documentation, and file the claim with the CRA. Our aim is to ensure your business secures all the tax incentives it is eligible for, thereby fostering innovation and growth.

Absolutely! Strata-G offers comprehensive financial accounting services. This includes accurate record keeping, preparation of financial statements, cash flow management, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, and much more. We tailor these services to your business’s unique needs, ensuring timely and reliable financial information to support decision-making.

At Strata-G, clients are the top priority. We foster strong relationships based on trust, communication, and mutual respect. Our team is committed to being responsive, understanding your needs, and delivering top-quality service. We believe in working alongside you as a partner, rather than just a service provider.

Strata-G embraces technology and innovative approaches to deliver progressive accounting solutions. We stay updated on the latest industry trends, regulatory changes, and technologies. This allows them to continually refine our services to ensure we remain relevant and valuable to dynamic, fast-paced businesses like yours.

Yes, we can! Strata-G provides a dedicated financial expert to each client. This ensures you always have someone who understands your business in depth, can provide personalized advice, and respond to your needs promptly. This one-on-one approach underlines Strata-G’s commitment to personalized service.

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We have over 18 years of experience in accounting, tax and payroll.

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